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ManageEngine MDM Plus & Geekland Tablets

ManageEngine MDM Plus

If you’re in the market for a MDM (Mobile Device Manager), the good news is there are a healthy number of vendors to choose from.  One of the premier providers in this space is ManageEngine MDM (MEMDM).  With over 120 award-winning products and free tools they provide coverage for Android, IOS and Windows tablets and devices.  ManageEngine offers more than 60 enterprise IT management tools to help manage T operations, including networks, servers, applications, service desk, Active Directory, security, desktops, and mobile devices.  For more information about what they have on offer visit them here.

ManageEngine have a endpoint manage solutions called Moble Device Manager Plus (MEMDM). They offer a number of provisioning methods including QR, NFC, Zero Touch, EMM Token to name a few.  More information can be found here.

ManageEngine – Moblile Device Manager Plus

We found MEMDM Plus to be straightforward and easy to work with. For Geekland Android tablets, QR and Direct Provisioning cover most scenarios to get a device provisioned and connected to the Console.

Here is a high level, summary of the steps required to get most Geekland Android tablets prepped, provisioned and connected to the ME Console.

QR Code Provisioning – Quick Steps to get a device provisioned.

On the computer

1-Log into MEMDM Console and click on Enrollment

2-Click on EMM Token Enrollment and take a picture of the QR code

On the tablet

1-Factory Reset and Tap the screen 6 times to open Camera

2-Scan QR code from your phone and follow prompts (device admin will be set and ME APK will be loaded)

3-Tablet is now provisioned with MEMDM Console awaiting user/group assignment.

Direct Device Owner Provisioning Tool – Used when tablet is non-GMS, doesn’t support QR code or has no camera

In these cases, it’s necessary to initially prep and provision the tablet using the Computer and an ADB connection to the tablet.  Detailed instructions are provided in the following link

Here are the summary steps for this method:

On the computer

1-Download and extract developer tools using the link provided below

2-Open powershell or command prompt 

On the tablet (refer to link for detailed instructions)

4-Factory reset the tablet, Enable Developer Mode and Enable USB debugging.  Click on OpenNet if its present in Settings

5-Connect the tablet to your LAN or Wifi  and either (a) connect the tablet to the Computer using a USB cable or (b) using the IP address of the tablet use the ADB connect command from the computer.

On the computer 

6-Follow instructions in the link to set Device Owner and Install the MEMDM APK.  If you are not familiar with running .BAT commands you can simply open the .BAT file with any editor and copy and paste the instructions into the command one line at a time.

On the tablet

7-When complete, open the MEMDM application and it will prompt you to scan a QR code.

8-After scanning, the tablet will complete the provisioning process and the table will now be “staged”, ready for user assignment.

Let us know if you see something that would make this a better post.  Thanks!