Android OEM/White
Label Services

We understand that OEMs need to enter the market as quickly as possible with minimal changes to an existing product. To help our clients we offer OEM/white-label services that include custom branding, firmware modifications, and hardware alterations, such as memory and screen upgrades. Our broad range of off-the-shelf solutions, including boards/SOMs, displays, panel PCs, tablets, and handhelds, can be quickly adapted to meet the market requirements of most companies.

GEEKLAND’s OEM/white-label services are designed to help you quickly and efficiently enter the market with a product that meets your specific requirements.

Our OEM/White Label Android services include:

  • Custom branding that includes your company logo, packaging, user guides, documentation, and splash screen.
  • Custom branded splash screen so that when you boot the tablet, your company logo will be displayed on the screen.
  • Firmware modifications to integrate your Apps, build, and remove unneeded Apps.
  • Minor modifications to the firmware such as rooting or enabling/disabling settings, operating in kiosk mode, etc.
  • Over-air Firmware & Application updates and maintenance.
  • Minor hardware alterations such as memory, battery, and screen upgrades to meet specific requirements.
Embedded Industrial Boards


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    White label android tablet manufacturing

    Here is an example of an OEM effort where an off-the-shelf phone is fully branded with logos and repurposed for a specific application.

    Front and back of a mobile phone cover with a white background

    In the event the off-the-shelf solutions do not fully address the market needs, companies may decide to embark on ODM services to develop their own unique product line.