Purpose built Industrial Android POE Tablets & Windows Panel PCs

Industrial Android POE Tablets & Windows Panel PCs

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial and industrial grade Industrial Android POE Tablets & Windows Panel PCs, access constrol, digital signage displays, embedded Panel PCs and Single Board Computers for OEMS & Businesses. Our Industrial Android POE Tablets & Windows Panel PCs have been deployed in a wide variety of industry sectors such as retail, hospitality, access control, building automation, manufacturing & medical.

Having shipped over 30, 000 custom built Industrial Android POE Tablets & Windows Panel PCs over the last decade, we have the  know-how and capability  to design and manufacture products from concept phase to production that includes PCB and motherboard design, industrial and mechanical design of case, regulatory certifications such as FCC, CE, and GMS (for Android).

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Delivering Reliable Industrial Android POE Tablets & Windows Panel PCs – Wall mount POE Tablets, Panel PCs, Digital Signage Systems, Time Clocks and Mobile Data Terminals

We offer product design, contract manufacturing and wholesale procurement services for OEMs, businesses, government and educational institutions.

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Geekland provides complete ODM/OEM services that includes industrial & mechanical product design, hardware & firmware development, prototyping & production manufacturing.  Our ODM services are geared for those companies intending to launch their own line of innovative or custom products.  Over the years, we have worked with several companies in developing, manufacturing and launching innovative products incorporating custom designed hardware and firmware into the market. Some of our customers have even gone on to win various awards at trade shows such as CES.  Learn more about our OEM/ODM services.

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We provide OEM / white-label or custom branding services for OEMs who wish to enter the market quickly and with minimal changes to an existing off-the-shelf product. Over the years we have designed, manufactured or sourced a wide range of products including SBCs/SOMs, industrial panel pcs and displays, intercom systems and digital signage systems that can be quickly customized and white labelled for OEMs and systems integrators. We provide full support for our off-the-shelf solutions including customizing the ROM/firmware for capability such as pre-loaded system applications, single purpose usage such as booting into an app and operate in “kiosk mode”, branding such as boot up logos.

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We provide custom firmware development, custom ROMs and kiosk applications. mobile application development services to provide one-stop-shop to deliver a complete product. We have deep experience in Android and Linux embedded systems development including OS level customization for digital signage applications, machine learning and neural networks, smart home automation, building control & automation and more.


Digital Signage Systems

Digital Signage Systems

Solutions range from desktop or wall mountable poe Android tablets from 7″ to over 55″ displays.. Please contact us to inquire of our services and how we can help you to help expand your business through state-of-the-art digital signage solutions.
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Industrial Computers and Panel PCs

IP65 Rated Panel PCs

Our industrial PCs and servers are designed to operate in harsh industrial environments such as factory floors both indoor and outdoor installations, kiosks, vending machines and other systems requiring built-in embedded PCS.
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Conference & Meeting Room Displays

Conference & Meeting Room Displays

Geekland offers several models of Android OS that are widely used by enterprises for conference and office meeting room booking and scheduling purposes.
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Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

This 10.4″IP67 rated all-in-one fully waterproof Android smart door tablet is designed for video intercom and access control in multi-tenant buildings,apartment homes,offices
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Kitchen Display Systems

Kitchen Display Systems

Geekland offers a wide range of support services and can help you create the perfect solution to meet your specific requirements. All devices ship with a 2 year warranty.
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Embedded Industrial Boards

Embedded Industrial Boards

We offer high-quality embedded industrial boards for various industrial applications. The boards are robust, have a range of computing platforms, and have connectivity options like Ethernet and USB
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Wall Mount Touchscreen Tablets
  • Wall Mount Touchscreen Tablets
  • Wall Mount Tablets
  • Industrial Panel PCs
  • NFT Digital Frames

GK-1052PL 10.1″ Wall Mount Android PoE Tablet with full surround LED bar

The 10.1" POE Android tablet with programmatically controlled LED Status bars that make it ideal for applications such as digital signage displays, meeting room booking & scheduling, hospital information displays, and home automation.
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GK-PL1032A 10.1″ Glass Wall Mount Android PoE Tablet w LED Bar & NFC/RFID

This 10.1" POE Android device with a programmable LED full surround status bar supports built-in PoE and optional NFC/RFID reader making it ideal for a wide variety of applications such as digital signage displays, POS retail kiosks, employee time & attendance, meeting room booking & scheduling and home automation. The unit can be conveniently mounted on a wall using a standard VESA mount for surface wall mounting or on a glass wall with a special side mount. Download Datasheet
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GK-Q5-POE 5″ Android PoE wall mount tablet for home or building automation

This compact 5" Android POE wall mount tablet is purpose built for OEMs for use as home automation controllers, building automation controllers, HVAC system controllers etc. The unit runs Android 7.1.1 and has supports Google Play store tthat allows you to install various home automation and other apps on to this unit. It is also one of the smallest Android OS POE tablets available in the market. The unit can also be used as a smart door phone for building intercom systems. For this, the supports a built-in echo cancellation mic and speakers enabling a 2-way dialog. Other potential applications include:
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GK-TW7A-3268-FWM 7-inch Android 11 PoE in-wall flush mount or embedded Panel PC HMI with RS232/485 interface

This compact 7" PoE Android tablet is designed for industrial applications such as controllers for building control BACNet, HVAC etc. The unit features corrosion proof aluminum case that can be mounted flush (invwall) or surface mount (VESA). For flush wall, there is a back plate that can be recessed securely into the wall or into a cabinet. Vesa is standard 75x75. The unit supports a serial interface RS485 or RS232 for applications such as BACnet MSTP.  The unit supports optional POE (802.3at) or can be powered by DC in (12 V). The unit can be ordered with several processor configurations depending on the use case. The processors include RK3288, RK3399 and RK3268. Our standard configuration is RK3268 that delivers high performance to run most applications. Call us for customizations and OEM inquiries.
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7-inch Embedded Industrial Android Panel PC – PoE RS232 CAN BUS, Sunlight Readable GK-N701-AND

This 7" rugged IP64 (Waterproof/dustproof) all-in-one Embedded Industrial Android Panel PC / HMI is designed for use in harsh environments prone to dust and water and is ideal for Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, HMI, SCADA, or MES applications. The unit supports a front IP65 high resolution backlit LED touchscreen display with 800 NITS intensity with brightness control that is perfect for factory floors. The unit supports a wide variety of interfaces such as USB, DB9 connectors to RS232/485, CAN BUS and GPIO. It can be powered by both DC (9-36V) as well as PoE (802.3af). POE support includes both power and data feed. The device can be ordered with Android 9.0 or Linux Debian 10 configuration. The unit is designed for Building control and can support BAC Net. Key Features
  • 7" 1280x800 IPS with Capacitive Touch
  • Sunlight Viewable 800nits Brightness
  • OS System: Android 9.0 or Linux Debian 10 OS
  • NXP i.MX 8M Mini Cortex-A53 1.6GHz Quad-core
  • 2G RAM, 16G ROM, optional: 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM
  •  Interfaces: LAN, COM Serial, USB, GPIO
  • Support POE, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G, GPS, CANBUS
  • SIM Slot/ Micro SD Card Slot
  • DC 8-36V Wide Power Voltage
  •  Rugged Industrial Design with Aluminum Alloy case
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GK-TVR101-V11 – 10 inch Android 11 with built-in PoE VESA wall mount tablet PC with Kiosk Mode & MDM Support

10" Android POE device makes it ideal for applications such as employee time & attendance, meeting room booking & scheduling, home & building automation and digital  signage. The unit can be mounted on a wall using standard VESA mount for surface wall mounting and with a special enclosure for flush wall mount. Supports Android 11 with optional MDM support and Kiosk mode browser lockdown.
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GK-TVR101-V12 10.1″ Android 12 wall mount POE tablet pc with 4GB RAM or 8GB (Optional) with built-in PoE LAN WIFI BT

This 10.1" Android 12 wall mount POE tablet pc with high performance RK3588 processor makes it ideal to run applications such as employee time & attendance, meeting room booking & scheduling, home & building automation and digital signage. The unit can be mounted on a wall using standard VESA mount for surface wall mounting and with a special enclosure for flush wall mount. Supports built-in POE/LAN port, WIFI & BT. MDM Support and zero touch provisioning/enrolment is also supported.
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GK-QR101-N 10.1″ Android 11 PoE in-wall touch screen tablet PC – brushed aluminum case

This 10.1" Android POE in-wall touch screen tablet/panel PC supports built-in PoE making it ideal for applications such as employee time & attendance, conference meeting room booking & scheduling, home automation and digital  signage. The unit can be securely mounted on a wall using standard VESA mount for surface wall mounting and with a special enclosure for flush wall mounting.
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About Our Company

Are you a startup or an established company looking for a reliable partner to help supply or design and manufacture your next generation of smart connected devices or interactive touch screen displays?

Since 2010, we have designed and manufactured custom built Android, Linux and Windows OS-powered embedded motherboards,  industrial touchscreen HMIs, Panel PCs, digital signage systems, and mobile devices for OEMs, such as Honeywell, Panasonic, Rogers Building. Sharp business systems, and many others. We have designed and manufactured products that cover a broad spectrum  such as telecommunications, industrial automation, smart home and building automation, HVAC, fitness and medical devices, consumer products, digital signage, time and attendance and access control.

We also provide sourcing, importation and distribution of off the shelf products and solutions for OEMs and companies who prefer to work with US based companies and so take the pain of working with overseas suppliers. With our wide network of partners companies and suppliers we are able to source components, parts or have the products manufactured to high quality and regulatory compliance.

We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and offer both on-shore and off-shore design, manufacturing and assembly services.  Our dedicated engineering team is based out of Shenzhen, China and is comprised of industrial designers, mechanical engineers and hardware engineers. With close ties to local factories and suppliers our team can provide full service from industrial design to manufacturing while ensuring quality control and oversight across every phase of the manufacturing process.

While most of our manufacturing is done offshore, we also leverage our partner companies in Taiwan and US-based facilities in Atlanta, GA for assembly, test & distribution for some of the product lines for companies that require onshore manufacturing and assembly for TAA and BAA compliance.


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