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Geekland offers several models of Android OS all-in-one conference & meeting room booking display solutions with built-in PoE that are widely used by enterprises for conference and office meeting room booking and scheduling purposes. These Android conference & meeting room booking displays & tablets range from 7″ size to 12″ in size for the most common deployments. Customers have a choice of flush wall or on-wall VESA mounting options. Glass wall mounting option is also available. With no built in batteries, these displays are designed to operate 24/7 with no operational issues such as charging or battery swelling that is common for standard consumer tablets.

Some key features of these conference & meeting room booking displays include:

Built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) support

These meeting room booking display units support built-in support for PoE (802.3af/at) which makes them ideal for deployment in facilities or locations where power outlets are difficult to reach. Simply connect the PoE/LAN cable to the back of these units to the LAN port and deliver both data and power. These PoE systems offer low cost alternative to other solutions where both a power cable and RJ45/LAN cable is required to interface to a tablet or panel PC. With less moving parts and built-in PoE support these units offer economical and highly secure means of managing meeting rooms.

Other features of these meeting room booking displays include:

a) Auto-start power on

b) WIFI & Camera

c) Flush wall or Vesa (on wall) mounting

d) White/Black Plastic Frames or Stainless Steel/Aluminum

e) Optional NFC support for card reading

f) LED status displays

Customer’s typically install their own meeting room scheduling applications from Google Play Store or can choose to purchase our Room Booking Application that is integrated with out tablets/displays.

Meeting Room Display Solution 

Our meeting room display solution includes a 1 year or multi-year perpetual license for the meeting room scheduler app with a free 1 month trial.

Meeting Room Scheduler Booking solution

Key features of our Meeting Room Display solution:

Calendar integration

Our meeting room solution includes integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Calendar, Google Workplace (formerly G Suite) or an ICS URL link from any shared internet calendar.

Real-time status

Display real-time status of the availability of the conference room including checking for information such as who has booked the room, duration, who is present and invited etc.

Check-in & Release

Reduce late starters and effectively utilize the available room resources by checking-in to the meeting in time. The room will be auto released if the host doesn’t check in. Host also has the ability to check out when the meeting is completed or if possible extend the time.

Book Room Now or Later

The meeting room booking app allows you to book the room on the tablet/display itself. If the room is available you can book it rightaway. You can also select a time/date for your meeting and book the slot.

Room Amenities

Users can also query the room and see what amenities are available in the room such as desk top conferencing systems, white boards, beverages and so on.

Easy to customize

Customize your digital signage display with the fonts, background colors of your choosing. Adapt the display to match the theme of your company or your resource. Brand the display with your company logo and add a background image.

Kiosk Mode Operation

The Meeting Room Display is purpose built to operate in kiosk mode. Users can only interact with the Meeting Room Application. Password protection allows for for administrators and delegated users to access device settings.

Multi-language support

Meeting Room Schedule comes with multiple language options. We support English, German, French, …, which can be set in “Admin Settings”.

Admin Website

Access settings on your devices remotely. Monitor the status of your connection and other “vital signs” of your displays. Manage access roles for end users or configure groups for multi-location deployment.

LED status 

The Meeting Room App is integrated with our LED tablet models. This allows you to display the status of the meeting room via the LED bars e.g RED shows the room is occupied and GREEN shows in use.

Workplace Management Integrations

The flexibility of our Meeting Room Solution allows you to integrate with various value added  3rd party solutions. Check out our “Desk Sharing” or “Sign-in” solution. Integrate visitor data, way finding, door access.


Powerful analytics and reporting provides you with details on the resource usage of conference rooms, who is frequently using the rooms etc.

Find out more about our meeting room solution offerings. Contact us or email us for pricing.


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    GK-1066-MR-POE 10.1″ Android PoE Tablet for Meeting Room Booking Display Tablet

    This 10.1" Android industrial-grade tablet/panel PC supports built-in PoE making it ideal for applications such as employee access control, employee time & attendance, meeting room booking & scheduling, home automation, and IoT applications, and digital advertising & signage. The unit can be conveniently mounted on a wall using a standard VESA mount for surface wall mounting and with a special enclosure for flush wall mounting.
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    GK-PL3566MR 10.1″ Android 11 Wall or Glass Mount POE Tablet PC with LED Status Bar – Meeting Room Displays & Time Clocks

    This 10.1" Android 11 meeting room display with LED surround status bar supports built-in PoE and an optional NFC/RFID reader. The unit can be conveniently mounted on a wall using a standard VESA mount for surface wall mounting or on a glass wall or door frame with a special side mount. Applications include meeting room scheduling. You can install meeting room apps from play store or purchase our meeting room app add on.
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    GK-1052PL-MR 10″ Android POE Wall Mount Meeting Room Display w LED status bar (Optional Meeting Room App)

    This 10.1" Android POE Touchscreen Meeting Room Display with pre-installed Meeting Room Application delivers a fully integrated meeting room scheduling solution with real-time booking status with LED status indicator, calendar integration with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google calendar and more.
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    GKRK32ZOOM 32″ Large Android Tablet for Zoom Video Conferencing & Meeting

    This large  All-in-one AIO 32" large screen (also available in 43", 55" and 65") Android digital signage tablet / display is perfect for Zoom video conferencing. You can install the Zoom Cloud meeting app on this unit and have a great video conferencing experience. The large screen allows you to conference with several people and view them at the same time. The unit has a high-resolution camera and excellent audio and a built-in microphone. Besides Zoom, you can also install and run any Android-based video-conferencing application such as Webex, GoToMeeting, etc.
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    GK-VR7-AWA20-A6-MR 7″ Android POE RJ45 Wall Mount Panel PC for Meeting Room Booking

    This industrial grade Android panel PC is a wall or glass wall mountable with no external buttons. The unit supports RJ45 (Ethernet LAN interface) with a DC In 9V-30V. The unit also supports built-in PoE 48V (fully compliant with 802.3 af standard). This is ideal for installations that do not have wall power outlets and PoE Cat 5 cables can be drawn to the unit. The unit is designed to be operated on a continuous 24x7 basis.
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    GK-YCSM08P-V11 8″ Android 11 PoE tablet PC home automation controller mounts in-wall flush or on US gang box

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    The GK-YCSM08P-V11 is an 8" in-wall flush mount Android 11 POE touch screen tablet pc display ideal for use as a controller for home automation systems, entertainment devices, HVAC or building automation systems and/or meeting room booking applications.  
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    GK-YCSM10P-V11 10″ Android 11 PoE in-wall flush mount or US gang box mount tablet PC

    Download Datasheet
    10" Android POE tablet, the GK-YCSM10P-V11,  is a versatile 10-inch in wall flush mount Android 11 POE touch screen tablet pc display ideal for use as a controller for home automation systems, entertainment devices, HVAC or building automation systems and/or meeting room booking applications.  
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