How to factory reset an Android Tablet

How do you perform a factory reset to an Android POE tablet when you’re no longer able to access Android settings?

One way is to perform what’s called Hard Reset.  Most Geekland Android POE tablets have a small opening near one of the connection ports that provides access to a reset button.

Here are the tools you will need and the steps perform a Hard Factory Reset on Android POE Tablets.

Tools required:

-Paperclip that will fit inside the hole

-USB keyboard or wireless dongle

Steps to Factory Reset:

1-Power off tablet

2-Connect the keyboard

3-Depress button with the paperclip

4-Apply power

5-After 3-4 seconds release the pressure on the button

6-An Android Debug Menu will appear on the screen

7-Using the arrow keys move the curor down to Factory Reset

8-Press Enter and cursor down and press enter again to confirm

9-The display with update with progress

10-When complete, cursor will return to Restart Tablet.  Press Enter!!

Tablet will restart, perform an Erase and return to the Desktop or Start Menu

Note: Some models do not have a pinhole. For these devices it’s usually possible to connect to the device using ADB. Please see our instructions on how to use ADB and call us if you have any questions.