Geekland USA, LLC -  Your Trusted Partner for OEM/ODM Contract Manufacturing Services

We are an Atlanta, Georgia based company providing OEM / ODM contract manufacturing services for emerging wireless devices based on Android, Windows and Linux OS.   Since 2010, we have been working with companies in helping design and build innovative products incorporating embedded Android systems at their core. As a full service contract manufacturer and product development partner, we offer full-range R&D and manufacturing services needed to develop a product - from concept stage to mass production & market. Our range of services include:

i.  Systems engineering design and program management.

ii. Industrial & mechanical design.

iii, Hardware design including custom embedded board design & PCB fabrication for the board and display components. 

iv. Firmware development including driver development, custom ROM.

iv. Tooling & manufacturing.

v. QA

vi. Shipment & Logistics

By working closely with our customers and by understanding their unique business needs, we have developed customized solutions that drive product innovation, cost savings, supply chain efficiencies and improved time-to-market. We have extensive expertise working with Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese manufacturing companies and have established partnerships with a few reliable and high quality manufacturing houses. By levarging these relationships, we are able to custom design and manufacture high quality Android, Windows or Linux based systems for a variety of industrial and consumer applications.

Some of the application areas that we have worked on or have offered solutions include:

a) Home appliances & consumer devices. Geekland has expertise in designing and manufacturing custom industrial Android boards and displays for smart appliances such as owens and cooking ranges. See how Dacor's smart cooking ranges use our custom built Android OS based embedded board in an innovative way to enhance the cooking experience. 

b) Fleet management and logistics. We have provided our custom Android based rugged tablets for trucking companies to serve as navigation, dispatch and remote diagnostics systems. These devices are IP64 rated and are designed to operate in the rugged and harsh environments that are reflective of this industry.

c) Field service operation & construction engineering. Our rugged IP65 tablets have been used in a variety of harsh outdoor environments.

d) Marketing/Advertising Information Kiosks. We have a range of display solutions for marketing/advertising signage and for kiosks. These include kiosk display terminals, open frame panel pcs and kiosk embedded boards and displays. 

e) Education: We have provided Tablets for use in schools and class rooms. Coupled with the tablets, we have customized the units with custom ROM that provide restricted access to Apps and other features to provide a secure environment for chidren.

f)  Medical devices for patient monitoring or data entry. We have designed custom android boards and displays for use in medical diagnostics devices. We understand the long product development cycles and regulatory requirements of this industry and choose the right SOCs, and processors like Freescale I.mx6 for development of solutions.

g) Self-service kiosks in restaurants for viewing menus and taking orders. 

i) HVAC & Industrial control systems. Our POE based tablets and Panel PCs are used in HVAC and Industrial control.

j) Time & attendance systems. We have worked with companies such as Bayer, Ingles, SRS Distribution to design and deliver Android touchscreen based time & attendance systems. Our solutions in this space include 7", 9" and 10" POE wall mounted panel PCs that can be deployed securely in factory floors.

j) Conference room scheduling systems. Our 7", 9" and 10" Android POE wall mounted tablets are widely used for conference room displays.

k) Industrial Automation & Control. Our IP65 rugged suite of Android Panel PCs are designed to operate in factory and industrial environments for SCADA, Industrial automation and control.

OEM Services

Our OEM pre-designed tablets (as listed in our website) are ideal for those businesses that want to enter the market quickly with a product and at a lower cost. The OEM solutions address a broad market segment and can typically address most project needs through minor configuration changes. These include tablets for general consumer use, rugged industrial applications and applications such as home automation and telematics. Most of these basic models can be customized with various options such as hard disk configurations, memory extensions, battery sizes, capacitive or resistive screens at a much lower NRE costs.  These units can also be customized to some degree at the firmware level. If the off-the-shelf units do not fully meet the customer's needs, we would embark on a custom ODM project which is more involved.

ODM Services

Our ODM services are ideal for those customers interested in developing custom new products based on Android or Linux. For these projects, for standard off-the-shelf products may not fully address their project or market needs without more involved engineering. These projects may involve development of a custom embedded board at a specific price, performance or dimensions,  display characteristic and touch panel design.  

For example, a project may involve the use of Android/Linux based board as the main processing unit of an industrial controller, home appliance, medical device or serve as a display terminal. In this case, the Android board can be integrated external controller boards, sensors or display units via USB or other mechanisms so the resulting device can leverage Android to deliver innovative functionality. The integration may require design of embedded board to suit the individual needs of the project. The redesign effort may include board/PCBA design & layout, adding/removing components such as 3G, GPS, accelerometers and other sensors in order to meet specific functionality at a target price point.

Other common examples of ODM services include:

a) a completely redesigned embedded board  for specialized application use. This may include include SOC/SOM board level layout changes, incorporation of new displays or completely redeisgned housing.

b) a custom tablet or controller device designed for a highly secure network environment such as Zigbee or NFC for home automation or industrial control.

c) a specialized internet device for fleet management, taxi cabs or other outdoor extreme environments 

These projects typically involve more upfront costs to cover research & development costs associated with a custom solution. ODM services include:

a) Industrial and structural design

b) Tooling that includes mold and casing design using 3D printing or injection molding

c) SOM/SOC ( System on Module/Chip), processor board and PCBA design

d) Integration with sensors or other interface boards

e) Software optimization and performance tuning

f) Custom Packaging



Custom Logo, Branding, OS (ROM) Configuration  & Packaging

Custom branding services is offered for customers who want to introduce their tablets with their own branding.

Custom branding includes:

a) Your own company logo and packaging including user guides and documentations

b) Your own splash screen so that when you boot the tablet, your company screen will be displayed.

c) Your own Apps that can be deeply incorporated into the firmware/build (pre-installed).

d) Minor modifications to the firmware such as rooting or enable/disable settings.

d) Minor hardware alterations such as memory, battery screen types etc.

Wholesale Information

Ask us for bulk discounts and other special requirements and we will be happy to assist you in every way.

For wholesale pricing and special orders please contact us or call us toll-free at (877)-597-7673. 

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