Our biometric multi-tenant building intercom systems incorporate multiple authentication technologies including 2d and 3d facial recognition technology, barcode and RFID for personnel identification.  The devices can be customized with interfaces such as Weigand, Relays, RS485 and Ethernet.

Our outdoor systems are rated IP65 all-weather proof and are typically installed at the gates or building entrances. They feature night vision cameras and high brightness sun light readable displays.

We have designed and manufactured devices for OEMs and system integrators over several years in areas such as office building access and multi-family intercom systems.

We emphasize on delivering quality products and offer technical expertise and support for all our products.  Our customers include companies such as RR Donnely, US Navy, US Military and several schools, state and county public offices.

Give us a call at (877) 597-7673 to discuss your OEM requirements or email us at support@geekland.co

Operating System Support

Our standard solutions are based on ARM and Intel x86 platforms supporting Android, Linux and Windows.

Form Factors

Our wide range of form factors address a variety of use cases. Some of the standard form factors include:

  • Panel PCs
  • VESA mounting support for countertop or wall mount.


Our multi-tenant building intercom systems can be built with resistive or capacitive touch screens.

Display intensities can range from 300 nits for indoor setting to 1000 nits or more for outdoor setting. Aspect ratios of 16:9 wide screen or 4:3 is available.

Our standard display sizes range from 7″ to 13″. Larger sizes are also available as custom orders.

Industrial displays life span ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 hours.

IO Support

Standard IO support includes Serial interfaces RS232/RS485, RJ45, multiple USB ports.  Relay and Weigand interfaces are optional.

IP Rating

Depending on the use cases, customers have a choice of selecting non-IP rated, IP-65 front IP rated, or full IP-67 rated touch screen displays. In addition, for outdoor use cases, the systems are built with high brightness displays of 1500 nits or more with anti-glare coating.

Wide temperature

While most indoor units have operating temperatures between 0C to 40C, our outdoor units are designed to handle temperatures ranging from -20C to 70C.

Data Connectivity

We offer wireless or wireline connection. WIFI dual band is available on most units or can be removed.  Most ready-made solutions support standard RJ45 ethernet and multiple USB and serial ports. Custom solutions can be provided to support dual and redundant ethernet ports. POE support is also available as custom offering.

All our building intercom devices are tailor made to meet the requirements of our customers. See some requirements of building intercom systems.  While our readymade off-the-shelf systems support most use cases with minimal configuration, we are also able to custom build to meet specific requirements.

Please contact us to inquire about our custom design and OEM manufacturing services and we will work with you in developing a solution that will fully meet your specific requirements.

GK-IND10IP65-INT 10.4 inch IP65 Android outdoor Intercom with POE & NFC Card reader for multi-tenant buildings

This 10.4" IP67 rated all-in-one fully waterproof Android smart door tablet is designed for video intercom and access control in multi-tenant buildings, apartment homes, and offices. The unit can be installed inside the lobby or outdoors as it is fully protected from water and dust. Several interfaces including a built-in relay allow you to integrate easily with external systems. OEMs can develop applications using the rich SDK or can install third-party apps from Android Play Store.
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GK-Q5-POE 5″ Android PoE wall mount tablet for home or building automation

This compact 5" Android POE wall mount tablet is purpose built for OEMs for use as home automation controllers, building automation controllers, HVAC system controllers etc. The unit runs Android 7.1.1 and has supports Google Play store tthat allows you to install various home automation and other apps on to this unit. It is also one of the smallest Android OS POE tablets available in the market. The unit can also be used as a smart door phone for building intercom systems. For this, the supports a built-in echo cancellation mic and speakers enabling a 2-way dialog. Other potential applications include:
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