Our Industrial touch screen monitors address feature display sizes from small form factors of 5″ to large 32″ sizes. These touch screen monitors are designed for industrial applications with long usage life of over 50000 hours. Besides the ready made models, custom touch screens can be developed for specific applications. We have both outdoor and indoor models to support various use cases.

Key Features

Various mounting options
a) On wall VESA mounting
b) Panel Mounting
c) Counter top mounting

IP Rating

These touch screen monitors support various types of IP rating for both indoor and outdoor usage:
a) IP64
b) IP65 Front panel water and dust proof
c) IP67 Full Outdoor installation. Full water and dust proof.

Touch screens

While capacitive touch screens are current default, these touch screen systems can be built with resistive touch screens

Display brightness

For indoors, the display brightness that is default is 350 NITS. For outdoor models, the brightness intensity is 1000 nits.

Custom designs include vandal proof tempered glass and wide temperature rating.

Give us a call at (877) 597-7673 to discuss your OEM requirements or email us at support@geekland.co

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GK-HV-M156B 15.6 Waterproof Industrial Touchscreen Monitor – Front IP65, Resistive or Capacitive Touch

This 15.6" waterproof industrial touchscreen monitor with IP65 rating  is designed for operation in factory floors, cold storage, food processing and other such environments. The display is a high resolution 1920x1080 with default capacitive touchscreen, Resistive touchscreen is optional for those use cases where users may use gloves for operation or there is water splashes on the screen, The front panel is full water proof with an IP65 rating.
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