Wall Mount Touchscreen Tablets & Panel PCs with built-in PoE

We offer a wide range of interactive touchscreen in-wall or on-wall VESA mountable enterprise grade displays & p8anel PCs both Android, Windows or Linux all-in-one systems that are widely used in a number of applications including Home Automation, HVAC, meeting room reservation & scheduling, employee time & attandance and interactive POS digital signage.

These wall  (on-wall or in-wall ) or glass mounted PoE (802.3af and 802.3at) based Android OS tablets and touchscreen panel PCs are designed for office conference or meeting room booking & scheduling. These PoE systems are ARM based with a low power footprint of  less than 15W.  A special feature of these displays is the built-in support for PoE (802.3af) which makes them ideal for deployment in facilities or locations where power outlets are difficult to reach. Simply connect the PoE/RJ45 CAT6 cable to the back of these units and you are ready to go. These PoE systems offer low cost alternative to other solutions where both a power cable and RJ45 cable is required to interface to a tablet or panel PC. With less moving parts and built-in PoE these units offer economical and highly secure means of managing meeting rooms.

Besides PoE, we offer standard ethernet or WIFI based wall mountable systems in sizes ranging from 7" to 32". These systems can be on-wall mounted and are suited for interative media and advertising and industrial control. 

The units can be fully customized with:

 a) Status bar removed

 b) Boot up / auto start on power on

 c) Pre-loaded app

 d) branding/logos


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1 - 21 of 21 items