Employee Time & Attendance Management Systems

We offer a suite of wall mounted Android panel pcs and interactive touchscreen displays are ideal for employee time & attendance tracking.  With a host of features including built-in PoE support, support for NFC card readers and biometric fingerprint scanners, these tablets enable companies to securely clock in and out employees or contractors at work and log their attandance for payroll purposes. You can install time & attendance apps from the Google Playstore to run those apps natively on the tablet or access web or cloud based time & attendance systems like Time Clock Plus or Uattend using the web browser.  

There are several solution options available to address a wide range of implementations :

a) 7" inch, 9 inch or 10 panel pcs

b) Wall mount solutions both flush or Vesa /surface mount

c) POE, RJ45  or WIFI network connectivity

d) NFC/ RFID card reader support

e) Fingerprint scanner

We can fully customize these tablets or panel PCs with auto-booting into the time & attendance management application and locking down the system  to allow users to only access the time & attendance application. Companies can install their own time & attendance Management apps and lock down the system to run just this one app. We can pre-install the units with custom ROM with only the time and attendance app pre-installed. Alternately, you can use the the tablet/panel PC to gain access to online web based time and attendance app via the default Android browser or custom browser that restricts access to any other sites. We provide an auto-starter application that can lock to a designated url so that the tablet will directly boot into the browser with the default url.

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1 - 6 of 6 items