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Geekland offers several models of Android OS all-in-one tablets with built-in PoE that are widely used by enterprises for conference and office meeting room booking and scheduling purposes. Our most popular Android units range from 7" size to 12" displays with built-in POE and in-wall flush or surface mounting (VESA) options. Glass wall mounting option is also available.

Some key features of these meeting room displays include:

Standard wall mountable Android displays with Built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) support

These meeting room display units support built-in support for PoE (802.3af/at) which makes them ideal for deployment in facilities or locations where power outlets are difficult to reach. Simply connect the PoE/LAN cable from a POE switch to the LAN port to deliver both data and power. These PoE systems offer low cost alternative to other solutions where both a power cable and RJ45/LAN cable is required to interface to a tablet or panel PC. These displays with built-in PoE offer economical and highly secure means of managing meeting rooms.

Wall or glass mountable Android POE displays with LED status lights

Our displays with LED status lights. The LED lights provide a quick visual feedback regarding the usage status of the room. For example, a red LED status indicates the room is in use. A yellow indicates that the meeting is nearing completion which green status indicates immediate availability of the room. An SDK/API is available for application developers to control the lights from their application. 

Other features of the units include:

a) Auto-start power on 

b) WIFI & Camera

c) Ability to launch Apps and operate in kiosk mode

d) Proximity Sensors (optional) for detecting users and turning the unit on 

e) Flush wall or Vesa (on wall) mounting

f) Optional NFC/RFID support for access card

Geekland has established partnerships with several meeting room application developers such as and door-tablet to offer complete meeting room solutions that include the displays with pre-installed and integred meeting room apps. The meeting room displays boot straight into the meeting room apps which operate in kiosk lock down mode. Furthermore, on our LED units, these apps make use of the SDK/APIs to control the LED status lights. Customers may purchase both the display and license directly from Geekland. Licenses are available on a yearly or multi-year basis with subsequent renewal.

Customer's may also choose to install third party meeting room applications on our POE meeting room displays. There are several third party applications that our customers have installed and operate on our displays. Some examples include:

a) Teem Meeting Room Displays

b) Robin conference room display

c) Room display from Gogetcorp

d)  Meeting room booking system from add-on.

1 - 6 of 6 items
1 - 6 of 6 items

 All-in-one units. These are the usually the preferred option by several of our customers for simplicity of installation.