BIOS01 Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk for Large Business

Facial Recognition and IR temperature scanner
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The BIOSCAN BIOS01 automated temperature screening kiosk has been specifically developed for large businesses and enerprises and incorporates several features such as HID card based authentication in addition to facial recogntion, customizable questionnaire, remote cloud based management and SDK/APK for integrations..

The BIOS01 incorporates an IR based high precision German made Hiemann thermal lens for automated, fast and accurate temperature screening of employees and visitors. The device detects the face and takes multiple temperature measurements from the forehead area for accurate temperature reading. The measurement range is 1-3 feet with an accurancy +-.5C or 0.9F degrees at room temperature. The device generates an alarm when the temperature exceeds a pre-set 37.3C or 99.14F (configurable) threshold. Alerts are displayed on the screen along with audible voice alarms. Alerts can also be sent via email to an authorised person. Employees can be recognized either by facial recognition or by issued HID proximity cards. For more information see

The device can be deployed on a network via WIFI or Ethernet (or optional POE) and managed by a remote management application that can be hosted on a PC or Server. With this application, you can centrally configure the devices, monitor alerts on the devices, review logs and control employee access to building facilities. You can view detailed reports of the employee clock-in times and temperature scans. Alerts can also be emailed to an authorised person. The device can also be integrated with access control systems for door access.  

The unit supports various mounting options including wall mount, floor mount and counter-top desk mount.options.

Mounting Options

Pass Records


Note: EBT measurements from this device must be confirmed with a NCIT or clinical grade contact thermometer


  • Automated temperature scan of employees
  • Time & attendance management
  • Integrated with Proximity Card Reader for Access control


  • Fast and accurate facial recognition
  • Accurate temperature measurement from forehead area +- 0.5C or 0.9F at room temperature 
  • Mounting options: Turnstile, Wall mount, Desktop & floor mounting
  • Remote management software (For Enterprise Customers)
  • Multi-device / cloud based management via Smart Pass Application 
  • Device Management Application (All models)
  • Email Alert notifications 
  • Logs can be exported in Excel
  • Weigand Interface and Relay Interface
  • POE Optional.Available 
  • Built-in HID Proximity Card Reader (optional). Supports HID Prox Card II.
  • Covid Questionnaire entry support
  • Printing passes.
Download datasheet.
Demo of product in use.
Demo of Questionaire

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System Specifications
Rk3399 Octa-Core cortex-A64,1.5Ghz
8.4 TFT LCD Screen non touch (sunlight readable)
Display Resolution
Display Brightness
450 nits (cd/m2)
LED light LED Filling light
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetoooth 4.0
Card Reader (Optional)
NFC ID Card Reader (MIFARE)  
125KHz RFID HID Proximity Card II 
Wall mount, Turnstile, floor mount and desk mount
Dual Camera 2MP RGB & Infrared 1.3MP
Wide Dynamic Camera, Aperture 4mm, focal length 0-2m
Vertical wide angle: 62 o Horizontal: 32 o
I/O Interface
1 x USB 2.0 type A, 1 OTG
supports Wiegand 26/34 input / output
Relay Output
Relay support for open/close (COM/ON)
1 x RJ45, Optional POE support
 Serial Interface
1xRS232 / RS485
Face Detection & Temperature Scanning
Face detection
Recognizes the registered face as employee, visitor or stranger
20,000 faces local disk

Supports stranger detection

Recognition distance 3 feet

 Temperature Scanner

 IR Contactless temperature scanner

 Distance 3 feet.

 Accuracy +- 0.5 C or 0.9F

Mechanical & Environment
Dimensions / Weight
266 x 125 x 24 mm (Standard) , 1.5lbs
Operating System
Protection Class
Operating Temperature
-20°C to +60°C 
Storage Temperature
-30°C to +70°C  
5-95% without condensation  
Power Management
Power Adapter
DC 12V@2.1A



User Manual

Power Adapter

Device Management Software (Included)

Remote management software (Included only)