Android ODM Services

We provide ODM (Original Design & Manufacturing) contract manufacturing services for companies in the areas of smart home appliances and home automation, M2M and Industrial IoT, fitness products, medical devices and wearables. Our ODM Product development and manufacturing services are geared towards startups and companies that are planning to develop and manufacture their own unique line of line of products. 

We work with companies to help design, engineer and manufacture products from concept ideation stage to market ready product. Based on the market requirements or specifications provided by the customer, we will embark on a joint design and rapid prototyping phase to create several prototype samples. Following the prototype phase we will build a low volume of production ready units that will allow the customer to beta-test the product in the actual environment.  Finally, once the product is fully ready for the market, we will set up the mass manufacturing over at any of our partner ISO certified factories in China or at our factory in West Palm Beach Florida facility. 

ODM projects typically involve large investment of resources to cover research & development costs associated with a custom solution. Our range of ODM services include:

i.  Systems engineering design and program management.

ii. Industrial & mechanical design.

iii, Hardware design including custom embedded board design & PCB fabrication for the board and display components. 

iv. Firmware and software development including driver development and custom ROM.

iv. Tooling & manufacturing.

v. Regulatory Testing & Certification (FCC, CE, ROHS, UL)

vi. Shipment & Logistics 

An example of an ODM engagement is a project requiring the design of a custom board to address the specific product requirements.  The custom board may require additional IOs to interface with other modules or boards, or may require integration with sensors. In addition, there may be constraints on the required dimensions of the board to fit a specific mechanical structure. The redesign effort may include board/PCBA design & layout, adding/removing components such as 3G, GPS, accelerometers and other sensors in order to meet specific functionality at a target price point.  

Some example ODM projects that we have worked on include:

a) Custom Android ARM board based on NXP/IMX.6 that is integrated in Home Cooking Range Appliance. 

b) Custom Android ARM board based on NXP/IMX.6 and custom display/touchscreen that is integrated in a Medical diagnostic Instrument

c) A custom designed tablet with enclosure for use in Hospitcal Medical carts 

d) A complete telecommunications/conferencing phone based on Android OS / NXP IMX.6 that is used in high end Trading floors

e) An Android biometric PoE intercomm system custom designed for building/facility management